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ROTOR Chainring Q-Rings สำหรับขาจาน Shimano 4 ขา

ROTOR Chainring Q-Rings สำหรับขาจาน Shimano 4 ขา
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ราคา 2,670.00-5,740.00 บาท
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53T BCD110 x 4
53T BCD110 x 4
ราคา 5,740.00 บาท
สภาพ สินค้าใหม่
ขออภัย สินค้าหมดค่ะ
52T BCD110 x 4
52T BCD110 x 4
ราคา 5,740.00 บาท
สถานะสินค้า พร้อมส่ง
สภาพ สินค้าใหม่
50T BCD110 x 4
50T BCD110 x 4
ราคา 5,740.00 บาท
สภาพ สินค้าใหม่
ขออภัย สินค้าหมดค่ะ
38T BCD110 x 4
38T BCD110 x 4
ราคา 2,670.00 บาท
สภาพ สินค้าใหม่
ขออภัย สินค้าหมดค่ะ
36T BCD110 x 4
36T BCD110 x 4
ราคา 2,670.00 บาท
สถานะสินค้า พร้อมส่ง
สภาพ สินค้าใหม่
34T BCD110 x 4
34T BCD110 x 4
ราคา 2,670.00 บาท
สภาพ สินค้าใหม่
ขออภัย สินค้าหมดค่ะ
แสดงชิ้นที่ 1-6 จากทั้งหมด 6 ชิ้น


Q-Rings can increase an avid cyclist’s performance by as much as 4 seconds per km in a sprint – that’s twice the benefit of an aero wheelset!

Professionally, athletes who have chosen to ride them have put to rest any doubts about their performance by winning two grand tours, more than 25 Ironman races and over 20 UCI elite Road, MTB and CX world champion titles.

Q-Rings boost your performance by varying drivetrain resistance during pedalling in line with your legs natural strengths and weakness. They make better use of the strongest muscle groups (increasing positive work) and compensate for the weaker zones in the pedalling stroke (reducing negative work).

Compatible with every crankset in the market. Click on the link below to check your compatibility:

Q-Rings make better use of your strongest muscles

The muscles recruited during pedalling, their relative strength during pedalling and the torque produced as a crankset rotates are shown in the figures below. From these graphs, it is clear that a round chainrings’ constant level of resistance interferes with optimal pedalling dynamics.

A Q-Ring gives a silky-smooth “perfect spin” by smoothening out torque variations and making better use of your strongest muscles, visible in the smoother and fuller Graphs to the right: “Round ring vs. Q-Ring spinscan”.

Peer reviewed scientific studies

Peer-reviewed scientific research has shown that Q-Rings offer a clear increase in performance compared to round chainrings. Elite level cyclists saw a 1,6 sec advantage in a 1KM TT study, generating 27W more power. For comparison, 60mm aero wheels often claim 1,5-1,8 sec/km and 16W savings.

What does this mean when you’re riding? You will discover increased endurance, realize explosive sprints and see a newfound tenacity in climbs. You will find that you can stick with the hardcore group that usually drops you. You will become an improved version of yourself, ready to set new PR’s and discover a new depth of performance. Triathletes will notice reduced strain in the bike split and better run split performance.

Muscle activation per single leg

The colors in the figure below correspond to the muscles as seen above.

Crank angle relative power

There is a single “downstroke” zone where positive power is generated.

Increased speed, reduced consumption
  • Q-Ring sprints were faster (-1.6 sec & 0.7 kph-1.8%) and generated more power (+26.7W-6.2%)
  • Reduced oxygen consumption and heart rate.
Your effort has its payoff
  • Immediate performance increase on switching from round rings to Q-Rings. And vice-versa.
  • It also appears that the more effort a cyclist exerts, the greater the benefit of Q’s.

Click here for more information on this test: Effects of Chainring Type on 1km Time Trial Performance over Six Weeks.

Q-Ring-Round Ring Comparison

Far from feeling unusual, a Q-Ring feels much rounder than a round ring. A spinscan analysis visualize a cyclists power delivery, with a bar graph indicating the variation from maximum to minimum output and a polar graph showing the rotating shape of the power profile. By comparing the left hand Round chainring spinscan and the right hand Q-Ring spinscan below, one can see that Q-Ring graphs are clearly smoother (less variation in torque in the bar graph) and fuller (less of a peanut shape at the weakest point).


When one projects a polar plot of a typical spinscan over the varying drivetrain resistance of a 53t Q-Ring during its rotation, the value of a Q-Ring is clearly visible: Maximum power is met with a “56,5t” Time trial sized chainring diameter and minimum power is met with a “50,4” compact size chainring diameter. This variation creates the “perfect spin” we all aspire to, that simply isn’t possible with round chainrings. This is because Q-Rings compensate for the weakest zone of the pedalling stroke and maximize use of the most powerful zone.

Try Q-Rings for 30 days. Money back guarantee!

You have 30 days from the time of purchase to ride, test and evaluate the Q-Rings and follow the adaptation phase guide in order to determine your optimum chainring position. If, at the end of the 30 days, you are still not satisfied, you can return the chainring. Click here for more information.


You can micro adjust the position of your Q rings to suit your riding style. Q-Rings use your leg muscles at a different rate than round rings, thereby changing your intramuscular coordination of motor units. Thanks to the OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) of the Q-Ring, you will find your best position seeking both comfort and efficiency.

A standard crank in combination with the OCP of the Q-Rings, allows approximately 5 degrees of adjustment. The MAS spider offers half positions giving approximately 2,5 degrees (for more information on the MAS, click the link below).

The OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) of the Q-Ring allows you to pedal comfortably in all cycling positions:

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Climbing
  • Sprinting

Follow the OCP adaptation guide that is linked below to make your transition smooth.

as a personal choice

Professionally, athletes who have chosen to ride Q-Rings have put to rest any doubts about their performance by winning two grand tours, more than 25 Ironman races and over 20 UCI elite Road, MTB and CX world champion titles.

Carlos Sastre

"I can pedal the bike more easily with Q-Rings. Saving energy during a big tour is a big advantage. In 2008 I won the Tour de France using Q-Rings and I kept using them the following seasons. It has always been my choice."

Juan José Cobo

“Unexpectedly, my Q-Rings allow me to keep a smoother, more effective pedal stroke. I like the adaptability of the Q-Rings and the rigidity of the 3D+ crankset on my bike.”

Johan Vansummeren

“I can ride faster with these rings… I put them in position four and from that moment on I had a real good feeling. You can’t judge it after one day, so I tried it a month and they’re still on (my bike), so they’re good.”

Technology that improves your cycling

ROTOR was born in the school of Aeronautical Engineering of the Complutense University of Madrid. ROTOR’s trademark products integrate our signature “outof- the-box” engineering solutions, while our function-perfeature philosophy distinguishes them from the competition.

Our inspired technologies and design philosophies – such as Trinity Drilling System y OCP (Optimum Chainring Position), to name just two – prove that bicycles can be revolutionized by fresh and powerful ideas.

Lab and field tests

ROTOR’s in house manufacturing capacity and know-how offer the highest possible quality to cyclists using our products, whether they are on one of our long lists of world champions or a weekend warrior. Attention is given to aesthetic details to please both your legs and eyes.

Extensive lab tests are carried out to ensure reliability and safety, with real world testing by many of the world’s leading athletes. The feedback we receive from these athletes accelerates the evolution of each product before and after it hits the shelf.

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